John Lee

Nature Series on the radio

Hey guys, I've recently discovered my love of radio again. It was in fact radio programs who introduced me to amazing guitarist's such as Bobby Broom and Badin Powell. Radio was crucial in my learning process in my earlier years when i began to study jazz and I had no idea who anyone was. Later in life living in NYC, with so many independent radio stations out there,i was introduced to an enormous abundance of new composers and styles such as world music, punk, and beyond. Check out these great programs currently playing tracks from " The Nature Series " Ep. Each one of these programs is very different from one another and is a great way to discover amazing artists you have not heard before.

Sun Radio
Monthly music program in Zurich Switzerland by Charles Blass. He mixes jazz, experimental, global, folk, electronic, funk and hybrid fusions in his shows.
The New Edge
Weekly Radio Program in Cambridge MA hosted by Ken Field. The New Edge features 2 hours each week of mostly instrumental creative new music, composed and improvised at the intersection of classical, jazz, and world styles
The Undercurrent
The Undercurrent is a blog/radio show focused mainly on post-hardcore/punk/emo along with noise, math, and sludge.
Monday Nights 8pm-10pm EST