John Lee

Video for the people of West Texas

May 3, 2013. The Keegan Theatre of Washington DC held a fundraiser called "Un-Dress for West". This is because it was preview opening for the current production of The Full Monty. About $2,000 was raised and will be hand delivered to the West Volunteer Fire Department by Joe Rhea, brother of Keegan Theatre's Mark A. Rhea from Osceola, Texas just 16 or so more miles from West. This was our homeland. We wanted to do more. I grew up in Aquilla, only 8 miles from West. Many of the people affected are people I know, and their kin. My brother served as a police officer there and was a first responder after the explosion. This video is a message of love and it is my hope that it will be like a special card from a family member, that one that you get out when you are sad, and it always makes you feel better. Some amazing people participated in this, and they were all happy to be a part.

The music is "Winter Song" by John Lee, from "Somewhere Impossible to Find" on chineseirishman records.
Used with Full Permission. All rights retained.
Video was conceived and produced by Richie Montgomery and 3momentsmedia, LLC.
Shot at Keegan Theatre, May 3, 2013, Washington D.C.